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Whether you are a bootstrapped or VC-funded startup, small or medium business, we engage you in the following ways to address your outsourcing requirements:
We know that when you are doing product development, your IP is your most important asset. We ensure protection of your IP assets by enforcing strict rules amongst our employees (see Legal and Financial considerations). You can count on us for affordable trustworthy outsourcing.
We know that cutting costs is extremely important for your business. We always ensure that our proposal is cost-effective, as our limited marketing budget makes it crucial for us to win the order.
You need to maintain the quality of software development even after cutting costs. We always ensure that our work is top quality as retaining the client after winning the order becomes crucial for our profitability.
Due to the size of the company, you have direct access to our owners to discuss any matter however big or small at any point of time.
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