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Investment Software
Over the years, we have developed extensive domain knowledge in the financial area with special focus on investment software. We have developed a suite of investment software that does integrated fundamental and technical analysis in addition to portfolio management and works seamlessly over the Desktop, Web and a Smartphone/PDA device. You can have a look at our tool and see for yourself our capabilities.

As an investment firm, we know your focus is on making money by using the best available tools on the market. If you have a need to develop full-fledged trading or portfolio management software at an affordable cost, we would like to be your partner in the process. We’re sure you will agree about our competency after going through our portfolio.
Other Areas
In addition to our own internal expertise, we are really proud of having a network of professionals who have domain knowledge in the following areas:
  Business Process Automation
  Business Intelligence
Please do not hesitate to call us if you need to develop an application in one of the above areas.
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