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Fixed Price
The typical Features of this model are:
Fixed Price
Fixed Scope
Familiar Requirement (we’ve done projects like this before) or clear requirement (typically detailed analysis & application design already completed)
Will involve Project Management, User Interface Design and Quality Testing
    In this model, the IP can be retained by us or by the client depending on our involvement in the design process. Please discuss this with us when you contact us.
Typically asked for by clients with high project requirement clarity and offered by us only when we have high clarity on the requirement. Advantages of this arrangement are low perceived risk and budget predictability.
Time and Material
The typical Features of this model are:
  1. Single Standard rate – X$/hr – irrespective of resource used
  2. Client involvement is more
  3. Client keeps IP
  4. Less expensive than fixed
Advantages of this arrangement are that you have more control over implementation and it is highly flexible. This arrangement is advisable when requirements are evolving. In addition, our business analysis team will be involved but it will turn out to be less expensive than fixed.
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